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While in college studying to be a nurse, Barbara took an art history course and fell in love with the paintings , the architecture and the sculpture. While contemplating changing her major, Barbara stayed with nursing which brought much satisfaction.

Art was not lost however and remained a fixture in her life.

She had the opportunity to travel to Europe and was enthralled with Botticelli's Venus, Turner at the Tate and the great masters . However , her first love was impressionism and Renoir became her hero .

Barbara started to dabble in the arts as a young mother but had no clue what she was doing . In 2000 she started to take her work seriously and began a series of classes, workshops and readings to increase her knowkledge. She learned from many mentors to whom she is most grateful. She advnced from pencil drawings, to pastels and found acrylics to match her style .

She continues with her studiies and finds that art is a lifelong commitment .

Barbara's Story


Exhibitions :

Orlando Museum of Art/1st Thurs

City Arts Factory

Osceola Center for the Performing Arts

Winter Garden City Hall

Artist Registry Exhibits

Paint the Town/ Orlando Magazine

Maitland Art Center

Casselberry City Hall

University Club of Orlando/"Arts for Education"

Crealde Art School

Dessert Lady


, ligula.

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